The Association of Ex-Students of La Salle and Sacred Heart has come a long way since it was established some 47 years ago. Many achievements have been made, many ‘first-times’ have been achieved, many activities and events have happened, and many money have been raised for various projects and development in relation with the school. In the page, we are highlighting the many recognizable achievements that the alumni has made within the past few years. We would try to do as much research as possible in order to fill up milestones from year 1958 till today.

Year / MonthMilestones
March 2005Re-designed of Alumni Website – 5th Edition
December 2004TYT Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah and consort, Guest of Honour for Christmas Open House 2004
August 2004TYT Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah and consort, Guest of Honour for 43rd Annual Dinner held at Grand Ballroom, Magellan Sutera Harbour ResortA total tables of 113 were sold to former and current students of La Salle and Sacred Heart.
May 2004The Association was part of the organizing committee for the successfully organizing one of the largest food and fun carnival called “The Centenary Food and Fun Carnival” in aid of Students’ Activities Centre.
December 2003The Association contributed a total of RM 400,000 to Students’ Activities Centre from its fund raising activities through Raffle Draw and Royal London Circus.
August 2003Played an important leading role in getting the Royal London Circus troupe to Kota Kinabalu, thus getting the Premiere Show to raise funds for “Wisma Alumni”.