Logo Rationale

The Crest has close connections with the La Salle Order. The seal of the Order is a Star on an azure field. The Star, while conveying light, causes us to raise our sights aloft. It has been symbolic of the high ideals we should have and also the Three Wise Man who went to Bethlehem when Jesus was born.

The lamp is a symbol of the light of knowledge and the lamp together with the open book may be taken as a compound of study of the process of learning. The three chevrons are coat of the La Salle family whose legs were broken in battle while fighting for his king.

Finally, the motto “Fides et Opera” i.e. “By faith and deeds” reminds us to prove our believe in God and righteousness by doing good.

ONCE A LA SALLIAN ALWAYS A LA SALLIAN” represents the La Sallian’s spirit of unity and solidarity.

Red – Bravery
Yellow – Resourcefulness
White – Purity
Brown – Unity and Solidarity